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I am Alexiane.
I am a yoga teacher
in Doubs (Besançon) but also by video (for those who are not from the region).

I discovered yoga during my studies, along the way, I initiated myself into the path of Hatha yoga and specified myself as a meditation coach (2019), I never stop enriching my practice and discover a little more about myself every day.
This training led me to change my life:
Become a yoga teacher.

In 2020, I obtained my 200H Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher certificate with a specialization in chakras and various energy practices (Chakra training from Katia Bougchiche).
In 2021, I am training in 200H Vinyasa yoga and 50H dance yoga (training by Elodie Abadie).

Passionate about the power of vibration, I trained with the school “The Institute of Voice Arts” with Patrick Torre and Jessica Da Costa as a Sound Therapist. I explored the power of mantras, the yoga of the voice and the magic of instruments to accompany you on deep and revealing journeys.

Being a student of life, I continue to train, travel and open my mind to the fields of possibilities.
Moreover, my trip to India (October-November 2023) was more than transformative and today allows me to share with you part of what I experienced there. I obtained a 200-hour Hatha yoga certificate with the Coinspire school and Sri yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, the cradle of yoga.

I have been practicing for several years and I consider yoga as a global art of living. He is my best friend, the one who accompanies me every moment to help me feel better every day. This is how I wish to convey it in the support that I offer.
I teach in my own way, with simplicity, gentleness, love, kindness and non-judgment. Convinced that yoga is accessible to everyone, my goal is to support you so that you yourself find a little bit of your inner peace.

With love ,


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